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EF$ - Earn money and EF dollar credits as an active user. ElectedFace, unlike other social media platforms, pay users for their voice, content and connections.
EF Chat
Communicate instant messages with EF Chat. Access EF Chat Sessions from a computer, tablet, or smartphone.
ElectedFace's Interactive Map when activated upon membership highlights local businesses, schools, and restaurants. It displays detailed census demographic information of selected areas including all Governement officials for that area. Activate your ElectedFace membership to insure your business is displayed on the map in your local area.
Organize, view, and attend events using the ElectedFace Calendar Events System. Keep an up-to-date schedule using the EF Calendar on your events page.
Government Officials
Connect directly with officials at the township, city, county, state and federal levels of government through the Government Official Search Facility, Brainstorm, EF Chat, EF Mail, smartphones and mobile devices.
ElectedFace offers the latest local, regional and national newspapers for users to read on PDAs, smartphones, tablets and computers.
ElectedFace is the internet of things to connect users to the world. Users enjoy convenient access to multiple social media feeds in one place including leading newspapers and top trending news stories. ElectedFace provides users with the facility to aggregate other social media accounts into their ElectedFace account.
With your own ElectedFace Video channel, users can share videos, upload content from other sites and invite followers to watch their playlists.
View the latest crime alerts for your area at the touch of a button.
Polls & Opinions
ElectedFace users can survey followers and friends and collect user data on any topic including feedback on specific issues. Government officials can conduct political polls to ascertain constituents 'views and opinions' on public issues and political topics. Businesses can conduct surveys concerning products and services.
Our petitions make ElectedFace stand out from the crowd! With the ability to create a petition which can be signed directly from the post feed, plus a dedicated page to view all petitions, users have the ability to effect change on issues which hold great importance.
ElectedFace enable users to engage in civil, informed and constructive debates which are simple to create and easy to join. Debates are displayed not only on ElectedFace's dedicated debate page which allow users to view and participate in debates, but also are displayed as post feeds on a point by point basis to follow the exchanges.
Share photo and video moments to remember with friends, family and colleagues. Users can organize photos into albums and edit settings to manage viewer access. Businesses, public figures and Government officials can highlight photos displayed on their voice pages. Share photo and video moments to remember with friends, family and colleagues. Users can organize photos into albums and edit settings to manage viewer access. Businesses, public figures and Government officials can highlight photos displayed on their voice pages.
Government officials who build large followings can earn significant income on ElectedFace based upon the level of activity with followers. What this means is the more an Government official communicates with his or her constituents, the more income is likely to be earned. Such income at the discretion and election of official, may be paid as personal income where permissible under applicable laws, rules, and regulations governing receipt of outside income, or as political action committee contributions, or as charitable donations (501C3). All Government officials are strictly responsible for complying with laws governing receipt of outside income. Government officials on ElectedFace may daily communicate with followers via webcam feeds to convey rapid responses on hot issues affecting their constituents.
ElectedFace offers free to the Cultural Icons of the world, the most complete social media platform on the internet to share entertainment catalogues, artistic creations, and athletic accomplishments with fans, supporters and followers. Cultural icons including TV personalities, Radio Talk Show Hosts, Performing Artists and Athletes who enjoy large followings can earn income not only from their works of art but also based upon activity between them and their followers. The greater the number of people who follow a celebrity, the greater the advertising income share such celebrity will receive. Celebrities may elect to receive funds as personal income, or as payment to their designated charitable organization including their own established charities. Electedface empowers Celebrities, Public Figures and Artists to shape and control their images as communicated to family, friends, fans and supporters without faux filters created by paparazzi and talking heads who have largely defined the public personality of many celebrities.
Faith Groups
Faith Groups can earn a significant income based on activity between the institution and its followers which can be paid upon election as cash payments to its registered charity (501C3). Institutions can increase membership and address their congregations, share scriptures, receive charitable donations and connect to the faithful via tablets, mobile devices, and computers. Such institutions can access the ElectedFace Calendar Event Facility to communicate, manage, and plan events and activities.
Coming Soon
ElectedFace is the closest social media platform on the internet to a one stop shop in America, the world’s largest economy. Activate your account, enlist followers, and use your voice. Users who generate large followings can earn personal income paid directly to the user. The income is earned by displaying advertisements between users and his or her followers. Get access to social media and news feeds from other sites on ElectedFace. Enjoy reading local, regional, and national newspapers on mobile devices, smart phones or laptops. Connect with your Government Official to engage in matters which could benefit you.
ElectedFace offers schools, colleges and universities the opportunity to earn income based upon the number of users including students, alumni, parents, faculty, administrators, friends and supporters who follow their institutions on ElectedFace. ElectedFace enables institutions to connect with key stakeholders and keep them informed about capital projects, campaigns and other campus developments. Institutions have the option to direct its income to their endowment, student fee funds, or other charitable purposes. Institutions may conduct polls, survey opinions, or engage in debates on brainstorm.
ElectedFace offers companies that are publicly traded, privately held, or sole proprietorships, including small businesses the opportunity to freely benefit from an ElectedFace membership by engaging and connecting with customers and target markets. Business users can collect valuable data to grow their enterprises through ElectedFace's analytics page. They can earn a significant share of advertising income created by activity based on size, number of employees, customers, and friends who follow the company on ElectedFace. Such businesses may elect to receive income as Political Action Committee Contributions, Employee Bonus Pool Funds, or Charitable Foundation Contributions. (501C3). ElecteaFace businesses are highlighted on ElectedFace’s interactive mapping system in the areas where located, meaning greater exposure to all ElectedFace users. Special offers and incentives, video commercials, and advertisements, products and services can be uploaded on the company page to communicate with its target markets, clients and customers.
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