Get Governmental Agency Notifications and Documents and Connect with Elected Officials.

About ElectedFace

ElectedFace is a Corporation established under the laws of the State of Delaware on March 1, 2016. The filing of the original Certificate of Formation was on January 13, 2010. The Company was initially established as ElectedFace, LLC., a Limited Liability Company under Act, 6 Del. C. Sections 18-104 et seq, as amended from time to time. The Company identification number is 3543312. The Company is located in Princeton, New Jersey 08540.

To connect voters of the political districts of the United States of America to their elected officials at all levels of government and to become the primary provider of government agency notifications and documents to the citizens of the various states.

Our goal is to create an environment on a digital platform that encourages and protects elected official who communicate with their voters to hear their voices and provide constituent services in a fashion that restores public trust and confidence in government at all levels.

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